Thursday, 5 July 2012


When we observe that many collinear points are joined together to form a line, this line goes endlessly in both the directions and has no fixed endpoints. So we say that the line extends endlessly in both the directions and so it does not have any fixed length. We say that the pair of lines, when intersect each other, so that they  meet each other at only one point, then we say that the two lines are intersecting Also we  say the meeting point of these two intersecting lines as the point of intersection.
Now we will learn what is a Perpendicular Line?
 If we have a pair of intersecting lines such that the angles so formed at the point of intersection of the two lines is 90 degrees then we say that the pair of lines are Perpendicular Lines
If we look at the + sign, it shows that the two lines are perpendicular. The English alphabets: L, T, H F and E are formed by joining two or more perpendicular lines.
Also we know that if the two angles which are supplementary to each other are joined as the adjacent angles, then the pair of such angles, formed the  pair of perpendicular lines  by their uncommon arms.
In on a straight line a perpendicular line is drawn, we say that two angles of 90 degrees is formed. So we say that a perpendicular line drawn on the straight line divides the line into two equal angles of 90 degrees each.
Also if we look around us in our daily life examples, we say that the edge of the wall, edge of the table and many such objects forms a pair of perpendicular lines.

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