Thursday, 24 May 2012

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We visit the Math Tutor, to learn about the Algebraic Expression, where we can learn how to perform on the algebraic expressions, which can be addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Thus let us see how to work with the addition of the algebraic expression. If the two algebraic terms are like terms, then we say that the coefficient of the two terms can be added, else we cannot add them (for detail study click here) . Let us look at the following examples: 3x + 4y + 2x – y
 Here we have two types of terms, one with the variables x and the with the variable y. So we say that the terms with the variable x will be added together and the coefficients of the terms with variable y will be added separately. Thus we get :
3x + 2x + 4y – y
= 5x + 3y Ans
 In the same way we will perform the subtraction in the algebraic expressions. So for subtraction too, we will first bring together the like terms and then get the result for the given algebraic expression.
 Now we will learn the operation of multiplication, which can be performed on the algebraic expressions. For this let us look at a monomial multiplied to a monomial.
Eg : 3x>2 *  4 x>4
 Here we will multiply the coefficients of both the monomial and the powers of the variables are added up when the two terms are multiplied. So we observe here that the constant values 3 and 4 are multiplied to get 3 * 4 = 12.  Similarly we add the powers of x to get x>6
= 12 * x>6 is the product of two expressions.

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