Thursday, 3 May 2012

Mathematical Reasoning

In math online tutoring, Mathematical reasoning is technique of problem solving without knowing about what will be done for solving the problem, if you know about the methods of solving the problems then it will not be defined as mathematical reasoning.
Mathematical reasoning has problems that does not occur in daily life and they are not solved by using any procedure or method but these types of problems are solved by making some strategies that is not defined anywhere and also these are not based on the single rule or perception but have variety of strategies for problem solving.
These problems do not follow any procedure or rule and if you are stuck anywhere at any time because of some problem then you have to do something to solve the problem without following any rules and regulations occur at that time.
Examples (from central board of secondary education) of problems related to reasoning are:
Like write the numbers that are made from 11 tens, 8 ones and 2 hundreds?
Like If Jon has 23 chocolates and he put equal number of chocolates in two bags and after putting seven chocolates are left then how many chocolates he put into each bag?
These are some problems that are needed little bit attention by the solver to solve and because of this; problems are known as mathematical reasoning problems.
We can take an example for multiplying the number 36 * 17, it will be solved as by multiplying them but for solving this problem in minimum time add 4 to 36 that is equal to 40 and add 3 in 17 to make it 20 and multiply them that is much easier than the multiplication of 36 * 17. So answer for multiplication of 40 * 20 = 800 then subtract 7 (4+3) from 800 that is equal to 793, is the answer.

In upcoming posts we will discuss about column multiplication and Elapsed time problems in Grade IV. Visit our website for information on how to do trigonometry

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