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Attributes of geometrical figures for Grade III

Hello friends we are back again. Today with a new topic of Geometry to provide geometry help for Grade III students of gujarat secondary education board. In today’s topic we will cover Geometry and Attributes of Geometrical Figures.

First, we will start with Geometry. Geometry has its own vocabulary. Geometry is all about shapes and sizes. Geometry shapes and Functions  are all around us, the thing is we did not notice.

Like the car and bikes we ride in, houses/buildings we live in, food we eat etc. Some of them can be touched and come can only be imagined. Geometry is based on four imaginary ideas or items upon which every thing else is designed – point, line, plane, space.

Some geometrical figures are: circle, rectangle, square, triangle, cube, cylinder, cone etc.

We will discuss attributes of some of them which are important to a grade III student.

For a Grade III student it will be good is he/she can identify and differentiate geometrical shapes.

Now we will discuss the Attributes of Geometrical Figures.To know more about Geometry click this.



Attributes of the circle:

Center: All points on the circle are equidistant from the center.

Radius: Half the diameter. It is the distance from the center to any point on the circle.

Diameter: It cuts the circle into two equal parts.

Circumference: Periferi around the circle, just like perimeter of a rectangle.

Area: Region enclosed by the circle.

Chord: Line segment linking any two points on a circle.

Tangent: Line passing a circle and touching it at just one point.



Attributes of Rectangle:

                   Opposite sites are parallel and congruent.

                   Diagonals bisect each other.

                   Diagonal are congruent.               



Attributes of Square:

Vertices: Every square has four vertices with internal angle 90..

Perimeter: Distance around square. All four sides are of same length so perimeter =4s.

Area: Length of one side multiplied by perpendicular height.

          That is s2.

Diagonals: Each diagonal cuts the other into equal part because they are the perpendicular bisector of the other. Length of each is = s√2.


Attributes of triangle:

Vertices: Corner of the triangle. Each triangle has three vertices.

Base: Any one of the, usually the bottom one, used to calculate the area of the triangle.    

Altitude: Perpendicular from the base to the opposite vertices. As there are three base possible in a triangle so there can be three altitudes. The point where three altitudes intersects is called the orthocenter.

Median : Line from a vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side. The point where three median intersect is called the Centroid.

Interior Angle: Three angles at the each vertex inside of the triangle.

Exterior Angle: Angle between the side of the triangle and the extension of an adjacent side.



Attributes of the Cube:

Face: Cube has six faces all are square. That is each face has four equal sides and all four interior angels are right angle.

Edge: Has 12 edges and all are of same length

Vertices: Point where three edges meet. And a cube has 8 vertices.

Face Diagonal: Are the line segment which links the opposite corner of the face. A cube has 12 face diagonal.

Space Diagonal: Line segment links the opposite corner of the cube. A cube has 4 space diagonal.

These are some basic figures of geometry and their attributes. As there are many other shapes as well. But for a Grade III student, these are enough to start with. You can take help of Internet or the other section to get complete knowledge about Numbers and Whole Numbers in Grade III and also Numbers in Grade IV.

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