Monday, 16 January 2012

Rounding Numbers Grade III

Hello friends, in this session we are going to learn about some of the mathematical topic related to grade III of maharashtra board. We are going to learn about the rounding numbers for grade III. The grade has its lot of interaction with the numbers. Rounding whole Numbers is just basic operation performed on the numbers in grade III.
Here in this session, we are going to learn about the Math problems on rounding numbers and the operation performed on them. Rounding a number is a process of making a decimal or any other whole number in to some appropriate form of the whole number. We replace the decimal number by another value that is appropriate or quite equal to that number. Rounding of a number is done for the purpose of making understandable and simpler form of any of the calculation. We replace the decimal value with their relatively nearest whole value. For example, replacing 87.5673 with 87.57, or some fraction number like 12 / 37 with 1 / 3, or the root of three (√3) with 1.7171. We make the rounding of any number because it becomes easier to work on it. It is not the exact value of the number and also we can’t get the exact result of the operation by approximating any number but it is only the approximation of any number and the result is also quite close to the exact result.
Now talking about the approximation of the whole numbers, the numbers that ends in 1 through 4 we replace them with next lower number that ends in zero. For example numbers like 61, 62, 63, 64, can be replaced with 60. Talking about other section of the whole number, the numbers that ends in 5 or more can be replaced with next even ten. For example, all numbers like 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, can be written in the approximation of 70.For more details and to know about the types of rounding numbers please refer this.
Talking about the rounding of other type of numbers can be understood by the help of some examples. For example, irrational number like √2 can be written as 1.414, fraction like, 4/7 can be written as 0.571. Fraction number can be replaced with some of the smaller numerator and denominator number for example 5123/10236 can be written as 1/2. A decimal number have also same rule for the rounding off. If the digits after decimal is 4,3,2,or 1, we have to simply drop that digits and if they are 5 to 9 we have to add 1 in the whole number for example, 1.83466897074 in to 1.83 and 1.83666897074 in to 1.84. For more clarification of the rounding off of the numbers, we have to take some more examples: if we want to keep only one decimal digit then the number 8.6480 will be 8.6 and taking two digits in consideration we will write it as 8.65, 6.997 can be written in 7.00 and
So, rounding of a number makes the operation simpler than the original operation and the result is also quite same to the exact result. If you want to know about Properties of numbers in Grade III and also about Mathematics in daily life then you can refer Internet.

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