Monday, 13 February 2012

Compare Whole Numbers

In mathematics, number system plays an important role. We perform different functions and operations on the numbers to solve the number system problems. In the arithmetic when we talk about the number system, we first include the natural numbers 1 to 9 and whole numbers 0 to 9 (know history of whole numbers). Through this topic we are going to discuss about how to compare whole numbers. In the general sense, comparing whole numbers means evaluating values and finding out which is larger or smaller.
 Comparing the whole numbers is generally represented by three popular symbols, these are:
1) > This symbol is known as greater than
2) <  This symbol is known as less than
3)  = this symbol used when both values are equal
Let’s show how these symbols are used to solve math problems of whole number systems.
Example1: compare the values between given whole numbers.
(1) 34  _  12
(2) 56  _  65
(3) 34  _  42
(4) 78  _  49
(5) 67  _  67
Solution:  Here we are going to solve the above question by using comparison symbols. To compare the value we just find out which value is greater then we put corresponding symbol between the whole numbers (Read this resource for more details on whole number).
1) 34 > 12, Here 34 has larger value then 12 that’s why we put greater symbol to 34.
2) 56 < 65, Here 65 has larger value then 65hat’s why we put lesser symbol to 56.
3) 34 < 42, Here we can see that 34 is lesser then 42 that’s why put lesser symbol to 34.
4) 78 > 49, here 78has larger value than 49 that’s why we put greater symbol to 49.
5) 67 = 67, here both numbers have an equal value that’s why we put equal symbol between them

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