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Fractions and decimals

Fractions and decimals for grade III

What is a decimal number? Decimal numbers are basically the type of the fraction numbers. Decimals numbers always have the fraction form. It’s not needed to write always them in the form of fraction. This is the point of understanding that 0.2 can be written as 2/10 or 1/5. 0.7 can be written as 7/10. The numbers after the decimal point decides that what power of 10 would be followed by the fraction in the denominator.

There are a few examples to understand the relation between Fractions and decimals (also use decimal to fraction calculator).

Example 1: write down 0.009 in the fraction form.
Solution: 0.009 = 9/1000
In the problem there are three numbers after the decimal point so in denominator 10 follows the power of three.

Example 2: write the fraction to decimal form of the given number 783/10000.
Solution: 783/10000 = 0.0783
This is the decimal representation of the fraction 783/10000. Here four zeroes in the denominator denote four digits after the decimal point. In the given problem only three digits are present so to make them four one additional zero is added at the left side.

Addition of decimal numbers (more on decimal number) can be easily performed as column addition. Following example would help better to understand the addition of the decimal numbers.

Example 3: Add the following decimal numbers.
           4 . 6
        + 8 . 9
Solution: Addition of the decimal numbers is the same as the column addition. It can be performed as follows
            4 . 6
        + 8 . 9 = 13  .  5
Step 1: on adding he digits of the first column from the right side the total is 9 + 6 = 15. Write down 5 and 1 would become carry for the next column.
Step 2: now add the digits of the second column with carry 4 + 8 + 1 = 13. The decimal will be at the same place as in the problem. 13.5 is the answer.

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