Thursday, 2 February 2012

Fractional parts of a whole

Children in Grade III of gujarat board,Previously we have discussed about converting whole numbers to fractions and today we are going to study about whole and the fractional parts of a whole.
Let us take an apple to understand the concept of math fractions and a whole. A complete apple is called whole. Now if two friends John and Harry equally divide this apple in two equal halves, then
  John gets 1 out of 2 equal parts and Harry gets 1 out of 2 equal halves
 So we can say
John gets = 1/2 of the Apple
Harry gets = 1/2 of the Apple
Here 1 is the numerator which shows we are taking 1 part out of equal parts of the denominator i.e. 2.
Let us considered another example:
 There were 10 birds sitting on the tree,
If we say half of the birds flew away, it means 5 out of 10 birds flew away
 5/10 represents =one half,
In the same way 2 out of 4 represented by 2/4 also means one half. 2/4 represents fractional parts of the whole.
When we say 2/4, it means there are 4 equal parts and we are talking about 2 parts out of 4 equal parts
This means half.
When we talk about fraction parts of a whole, the numerator represents the fraction and the denominator represents the equal part of the whole.
Here is an exercise to see parts and whole fraction practice:
 What does 2/5 represent?
 It represents a whole is equally divided in 5 parts and we are taking into consideration 2 parts out of 5.
 In how many equal parts is the fraction 3/7 divided?
Fraction 3/7 is divided in 7 equal parts, which is represented by denominator.
 What does ‘3’ in the fraction 3/7 represent?
 3 is the numerator, it represents that we are taking 3 parts from 7 equal parts.
This is all about the Fractional parts of a whole and if anyone want to know about Models for multiplication then they can refer to Internet and text books for understanding it more precisely. You can also refer Grade 4th blog for further reading on  Place value whole numbers .

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