Tuesday, 14 February 2012

comparing whole numbers

Dear students, in this solve math problems for me session we are going to understand how to compare whole numbers .Whole numbers are defined as the numbers that are positive including zero. Comparing the whole numbers means comparing two or more than two numbers and determining which one is less than or greater than or equal to the other number. There are several methods of finding or comparing whole numbers as place value or compare two whole numbers by number line etc.
Method 1 : By using Place Value
. Digits are lined up at the ones place
. Start the comparison from the left side with each digit in every place – value position .
. In the first position from where the digits having the different value , is the greater whole number with greater digit .
It can be understood by an example as if we have two numbers that are 24678 and 24567 then we start comparison from the first digit of left side and as first and second digit of both numbers are same and third digit is different and third digit of first number is greater than the third digit of the second number, so first number is greater than the second number.
The conclusion is 24678 > ( is greater than ) 24567 .                     

Method 2 :By using a number line :
. Right side numbers are greater than the numbers to left side
. Left side numbers are less than the numbers to right side.
Example: compare the numbers 25,489 and 25,589
Using the number line method it can be solved as 25,589 is less than the number 25,600 coming to its right and 25,489 is less than the number 25,500 comes to its right side and it is also proved that 25,500 is left to the 25,600 and 25,589 so 24,489 is also lies on the left side of the number 25,500 so the number that comes to the left side is less than the number that comes to the right side , so 24489 is less than the number 25589 that is denoted as 25489 < 25589 .

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