Monday, 19 March 2012

Division problems

Math's subject is a collection of various types of operations. These operations are used on the number systems. In the Grade III, Grade 4 and also in 5th grade math of Karnataka state board books we study the most popular operations like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. 
Division problems is a mathematical operation that divides the number into two different portions. The operation of division can be represented by the ÷ symbol. The division operation ÷ generally known as obelus.
For example 4 divided by 2 is 2, because when four is divided into two portions , each part has two equal numbers. Any number divided by one is equal to the actual given number. We can divide the number by the zero then result will be zero. So, in the mathematics division by zero is not allowed. In the multiplication when two numbers are multiplied to each other then result will be equal or greater then the actual given number. But in the division process the result will be equal or less then the given numbers. In the simple meaning we can say that division is the inverse operation of the multiplication operation. For performing the division operation on the given numbers, it is necessary to be familiar with the table of different numbers. In the below example we show you the process of dividing the numbers with the help of described steps. Improve you division skills by reading this.
Example: Solve the given problems of division 325 / 10?
Solution: The above given situation is the division situation of two numbers. Here the number to be divided into is known as dividend of division that is 325 and the number which divides the dividend are known as divisor that is 10.
step 1:arrange the numbers: 10 ) 325 (
step 2: In the above 10 is a two digit number so we need to take two digit number of dividend for division. The result will be write on the right hand side of dividend.
10 ) 325 ( 32.5
     - 30
         50          (note: here by putting decimal point into answer we can add one
         50                      zero with the reminder )

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