Saturday, 17 March 2012

Estimation in addition and subtraction

Hi Friends! In today's online math tutoring free session we will talk about Estimation in addition and subtraction. In the mathematical language, estimation refers to calculating the value that is near to the actual value. It means that estimation value is a guess value of the real calculated value. It is usually performed by thought or sometime calculation involved in it. Suppose Jennifer buys some product from market and she thought that she will have to pay near $100. The process of estimation can also be executed in the mathematics. In the mathematics estimation processes are usually performed with the operations like addition and subtraction fractions. This topic helps the students of Grade III to understand the concept of estimation in addition and estimation in subtraction.
Estimation in addition: It is quick way to estimate the total of two or more numbers by rounding each number. After that we add these rounded numbers. This obtained solution is not an exact answer but close enough to the actual value for some purpose. To perform the estimation we need to remember two things:
a) First perform the rounding operation with the given numbers
b) After that add the rounded numbers
In the given example we show you the process of estimation with addition:
Example: Add the given numbers 356 and 678?
Solution: In the first step we round off the numbers 356 into 400 and 678 into 700
Then in second step we add the rounded values of the numbers
400 + 700 = 1100
If we add the actual value the solution will be
356 + 678 = 1034
Estimation of subtraction: It is quick and easier way to estimate the difference value of two numbers by rounding the numbers. The solution would not be exact value but close enough to the actual value for some purpose.
In estimation of subtraction we need to focus on two things:
a) Round off the each given term that will be subtracted.
b) After that perform the subtraction of the rounded numbers.

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