Friday, 16 March 2012

Unit cost

In Grade III, Today as online tutors we are going to  learn about Unit cost of any article. Let us first define unit cost: Unit Cost of any article is the cost of the object in one  unit, this unit varies from object to object. If we are going to buy vegetables, it represents 1 Kg, if we are buying milk, then unit represents 1 liter, on another hand if we talk about buying clothes one unit represents 1 meter.  In this math homework help unit we will learn that if the cost of more than 1 unit ( say n units ) is given and we need to find the cost of 1 unit then what procedure is to be followed.  We will simply divide the total cost by the  number of units i.e. n
It will be more clear with the following examples:
If the cost of 2 kg apples is  250 $, then what is the cost of  a unit Apples?
 Here we are given the cost of  2 kg apples = 250 $
 We observe that the value of n = 2
 So to find the cost of 1 kg apples we will simply divide the total cost of the apples=
   = 250 $ / 2
Or = 125 $
 The same rule works for  larger numbers. Let us try another example: (for more details refer this)
If 15 kg of sugar cost 300 $, find the cost of  a unit of sugar?
 Here we observe that cost of 15 kg sugar is given as = 300 $
 So we have n = 15, thus in order to find the cost of 1 kg ( unit )  of sugar, we need to divide the total cost of the  sugar by 15
 So  unit cost of sugar = 300 / 15
= 20 $ Ans.

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