Saturday, 17 March 2012

Inverse relationship of multiplication and division

Inverse relationship of multiplication and division helps the student of grade III . It is important to know that multiplication and division are the inverse processes. This means when a number is multiplied with other then the answer of it divide by any one of the number in the expression gives the other number in the expression it is understand by an example and you can play Rational Numbers Multiplicative Inverse Worksheets also. In the Inverse relationship of multiplication it is shows as if an expression 4 * 5 = 20 then inverse relationship is
20 / 4 = 5 ;
20 / 5 = 4 .Theses expression shows the relationship that are inverse in the way that when multiply 4 with 5 then it gives 20 and 20 is divided by 4 or 5 then it gives the other number in the given expression as 5 or 4 respectively .
When we talk about the Inverse relationship of division it is also shown as above Inverse relationship of multiplication as if an rational expressions 21 / 3 = 7 then it shows the inverse relationship as by multiplying the result with the divisor of the given expression as
3 * 7 = 21 or
7 * 3 = 21 .These expression shows the inverse relationship of division as when 21 is divided by the 3 it gives the answer 7 and according to the inverse relationship when 7 is multiplied with 3 or 3 is multiplied with 7 it gives the 21 that is the dividend .
So by these examples we easily understand the inverse relationship of multiplication and division . So these properties of multiplication and division are helpful in calculation where in three number only two are known and other one is unknown then by this user can easily find the answer .In the next session we are going to discuss 0 and 1in multiplication 0r division.

In upcoming posts we will discuss about Estimation in addition and subtraction and Factors and products. Visit our website for information on syllabus of economics for ICSE class 12

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