Monday, 16 April 2012


ICSE syllabus for class 3 maths : Before doing an experiment or for making some decision that are based on some previous data there will be of collect and represent the data .This is the only way through which one can easily, efficiently makes the effective plan or strategies that are totally base on the previously stored data .Before storing the data it should be keep in mind that how data is collected and also from where data is collected.
Data should be collected correctly as well as from the true resource that have the timeliness that means when data is needed by someone it can be easily retrieved by them and after collection of the data it should be organized according to some keys .
After all the collection and organization of the data there will be next very important concept of representing the data. It is the only concept through which the user can understand the previously recorded data and makes some decision on that .Collect and represent data in probability are also helpful that means there data are used to making the future strategies as well as helps in comparison of the data among several years for the same period of time .
There are several Data Collection Methods and various type of data representation like image processing, Global positioning system .Collection probability also the important concept that is based on the collection of data .The main motive behind display the data is to understand the available data and deriving the meaning and also extract the useful in conclusion .The collected data can be stored in the in many ways like:
Statistical tables
or by rank order
or by frequency order .
These forms are useful in statistical analysis of the data .Initially all the data collect in scattered form but later it organize and change into the numerical facts .

In upcoming posts we will discuss about record and Place value whole numbers. Visit our website for information on distributive probability worksheet

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