Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Problem solving strategies

Math problem solver have the steps to solve the problem. It is the way of defining the problem. In Problem solving strategies we discuss the process of solving large problems that have some techniques that are called as problem solving techniques. In first step large problem is broken into small solvable problems.
If the problem is more complex and difficult then it will be subdivided into less complex solvable part. After breaking the large problem into the small solvable problem define all the variables of the problem and also all the functions and If there is any need of change then that part or functions must be modulated .
The problem solving strategies from Gujarat board can be described as:
(a) Write the problem in your own words to understand the problem in more effective way and List all the variables and the function of the problem that are applied on these variables.
(b) After then according to the first strategy make the appropriate diagram according to the given problem and find the answer based on the diagram.
(c) Other strategy to solve the problem is to make the record or list for all the calculation that is done to solve the problem and calculate the answer.
(d)Predict the answer of the given problem is another strategy and when we get the answer according to the calculation then check the predicted answer.
(e) First divide the problem into small parts and then solve these parts that is known as Divide and conquer the problem and again combine them to get the answer.
(f) Find the problems that have the same pattern as solved previously and follow that pattern to solve the problem.

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