Monday, 16 April 2012

Results of probability experiments

Probability Help : As we well know that the probability of an event lies between zero to one. So whenever we are asked that Results of probability experiments then it will always be between zero and one. If we toss a coin then possible outcome can be head or a tail as we know that probability of any event is the ratio of number of samples by number of event. So total number of event will be two and if we have to find the probability of getting a head then it will be ½. As you can see that the probability is between zero and one. As we know that results of probability experiments will always be between zero and one. Probability result will vary greatly when we perform some big experiments, because in big experiments it is very difficult to predict the result. For example if we are throwing two dies and we have to find the probability that the sum of dies will be 7. For more on this topic click here.
Then our first task is to make the samples where the sum of dies will be 7. So samples can be 1,66,15,22,53,44,3 these are the possibilities of getting a sum as 7. And number of event will be 6*6 = 36, so probability of the event will be 6/36. We can simplify 6/36 as 1/6. This is the probability for the given experiment. We can also see that if the experiment is big the probability will always be lesser. The predication of result is depending on number of samples and total number of event. Whenever we are asked to calculate the probability our first task is to calculate the number of events. And after finding the number of event we should go for number of samples. And in this way we can predict the result. In the next session we are going to discuss Grade III of school education Karnataka, Predict future events.

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