Thursday, 12 April 2012

Describing events

Hello students, in this session we are going to discuss the describing events topic of mathematics, but before start it you should be familiar with the term events. Events means occurrence, that type of occurrence that observed by any party. Event may anything like ceremony, competition, meetings, festival, media event, party, sporting event and corporate event or Independent Events. And event may be in science, mathematics, technology and in many more fields.
Now the question arise that how to describe the events. To describing the events, we should know the first, the types of events. Describing events (more on events) means telling about the event such as: -
How it happened and how it will happen.
When it happened and when it will happen.
More precisely what happened, when happened, where happened, what were the tools, success-ed or not. And to describing event, we should know the some events object and attributes, like event name, event starting date, event completed date, host name, services, success and many more.
And technically, events may be following types: -
-Complementary events: - These types of event occurs when only one type of event occurs and the other one do not.
-Dependent events: - In this type of event, two events are dependent to each other, if one event's result affects the other event's result.
-Independent event: - Independent event are the events in which the existence of other event does not affect the other event's existence.
-Mutually exclusive events: - Those types of two or more events that do not occur at the same time.

I hope whatever information I gave above will give a brief introduction about the procedure of describing events.
Gujarat board Grade III students can learn something valuable from this information.

In upcoming posts we will discuss about Possible outcomes for simple events and Fractions. Visit our website for information on trigonometry worksheets

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