Monday, 16 April 2012


Data recording in Karnataka board syllabus is the way of collecting the data that means data collection is done by recording the data in a way that anyone can easily extract the data from the record. (also read Data Set Example)
Data is recorded by many ways that is defined as follows:
Records are of many types as if we talk about the records for documentation then these are business records or medical records or service records or public records etc.
Some records that have associated with the computers then these are like files or data base that contain all the data that is stored into the computers.
There are also some types of records that are known as the digital records as compact disk also known as the CD or other as USB etc
These records are very useful when we need some data that is previously described and it is used after some time .It is also used for analyze the data means when there is need to comparison among the data then records are very useful for getting the data because data is stored in the records and easily deduced from the records (more details here).
When we talk about the any prediction based on the data then we may use the records in probability finding.
This is define as if there is a record that have the data related to business growth then for doing the comparison between two or more years growth of the business we use the record to gaining the data of respective year and also doing some future prediction based on recorded data .
So records are very useful entity to define all the happenings that are previously happened and also helps in doing the future prediction that are based on that recorded data.

In upcoming posts we will discuss about Probability and Statistics and Whole numbers- read, write, count. Visit our website for information on rational and irrational numbers worksheets

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