Monday, 16 April 2012

Probability and Statistics

Hello students in this section we are going to discuss those things that have very much importance in mathematics they are Probability and Statistics taken from CBSE question papers. Let’s discuss them one by one. Probability deals with those things that are not sure, in simply one word in Uncertainty. Name of probability also suggests the same thing. Probability is not only used in mathematics but it is everywhere even in our daily to daily life. Like most probably it will rain tomorrow.
Probability uses three types of models so that we can easily understand the concept; they are independence, sample space and Venn diagram. Let’s see the simple example of probability; if we toss a coin then there will be two conditions either Head or Tail. Probability includes some basic terms that should be familiar by everyone who want to know more about the probability. The terms are: - experiment, random experiment, trial, event, equality likely events and many more. Get detail here.
Now come to the statistics, simply the statistics is used to summarize the data by applying the following process: -
By data collection methods → organizing the data → Analysis the data → Interpretation the data, after this process data is summarized and used for decision making, and the one who do all activities called the statistician. Statistics is not the one topic; it is a whole subject that covers so many topics within it. The most common topics is measure of central tendency, the central tendency includes mean, median and mode. Mean is the average of numbers, median is the middle number of a line segment and mode is the number that occurs most often in number series. In the next session we are going to discuss Collect, Grade III.

In upcoming posts we will discuss about interpret data and Numbers in Grade IV. Visit our website for information on rational numbers worksheet

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