Monday, 16 April 2012

interpret data

Hello students, in this section we are going to discuss the Interpret data taken from Maharashtra state board books. Interpret data is the means of analyzing the data. The interpretation of data depends on the several factors. Such as: -
-On variable: - A variable is an element in the data set. Variables value may vary in different conditions.
-Types of variables: - Qualitative means non numerical quality
Quantitative means numerical that may be discrete and continuous.
Tables and graph data: - We store the data in the tables and represent that data by the help of the graphs.
If we talk about the simple meaning of the interpretation, then it is a process of giving some meaning to the symbols of the formal language. Interpretation is the step by step process from top to bottom to assigning the meaning of those things which cannot be easily read by the human beings. Generally in these days various interpretation tools have developed to make the interpretation of data easy.
The data interpretation uses the statistics approaches to analyze some meaningful facts from the research facts. It is not necessary that two different researchers interpret the same type of data on the same way. A interpret result may be anything means a number, a average of two or more number.
The other meaning of the interpretation is: - explanation of the symbols, to take the significance of the formal language.
So it is noted that to understand the interpret data in probability we have to follow some kind of steps.
It means the steps that comes in analyzing of the data are also comes in interpret of data. The interpret data in probability is also done on the same way that we studied above.

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